A Long Time Ago . . .

In a galaxy not so far away, I sat at my little purple laptop, my head in my hands, and simply stared at the glowing screen, willing the words to come out.

But . . . they don’t.

Sometimes, as much as I want them to or wish they would, the words do not simply materialize on the screen. No, they rely on me and my imagination, something that is very well known to be just as fragile and illusive as a soap bubble on a windy summer afternoon.

And that is why it has been what feels like an eternity since I have sat down to write absolutely anything. Forgive me, bloggers. Words just don’t seem to work in my favor anymore, so it may be awhile still before I can get anything wrote out, much less anything decent. But stick with me, readers, and if anyone has any ideas on “memory jogging” if you will, then feel free to send them my way!

I look forward to writing again, (and I hope you do too).




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