Almost Two Chapters Down!

Hello again bloggers! Johnnie here with EXCELLENT news from the pen & paper (or in my case, laptop) frontier! The beginning of the week was big for me, and I sincerely apologize for not sharing it with all of you. I’m not sure if what I experienced was a typical thing for people in my line of work, or if it was just me. (It was probably just me, it’s ALWAYS just me). You see, I had an epiphany of epic proportions. The way that I write, the way I’ve always done it, is simply write when I feel like it, when inspiration comes to me, and just let my fingers do the walking across the keyboard. That usually works out pretty well for me. So, sometimes, actually, ALL the time really, I never write things in order. Never has anything I’ve ever done ran in any sort of logical order. I have a whole folder full of at least twenty different random pieces of the same story I have been working on for at least a year and a half. I never felt the need to try and make it go on order, or force myself to start from the beginning. That just didn’t feel right. And, I thought that if it was meant to be and I could just wrtie enough pieces, one day I would simply be able to put all the pieces together in a way that seemed logical and it would become a story.

But things don’t always go the way we plan. And for that, I am grateful.

Anyway . . . Back to my epiphany. At the beginning of the week, an idea hit me so hard I thought for sure that someone had been standing behind me and hit me upside the head with a ping pong paddle. And there it was. A way to start the story in a way that was suspenseful, captivating, and most importantly, natural. So I set off to work, typing frantically like my life depended on it, and after 30 of the craziest minutes, I had at least six pages of rock solid story telling. It felt AMAZING, and now I can’t stop.

Chapter two, entitled “Flood,” is well under way, and I’m excited for everyone to hear what’s coming next! Stick with me everyone, ’cause this cougar is ready to hunt!


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