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Only If You’re Ready (And I’m Not Entirely Sure I Am)

Posted in Stories, The Random Zone on June 20, 2013 by Johnnie Cougar

Hello again readers! I am in fact, alive and in one piece as I return from the dark and damp depths of Hell, (though you may be more familiar with the term “writers block”). And, in my shame, I have somewhat retreated into myself for what feels like an absolute eternity. BUT FEAR NOT! For I have, as previously stated, returned, and I have not come empty handed. Yes, you read right, I come bearing gifts!

You see, for the past few years, the last of my adolescence, I have been working on a novel. It has been so many things, and has brought so many things, to me. I’ve had my bad days, my good days, my days when I don’t even want to roll over in bed to see what time it is, my days when the kids have drove me up the metaphorical wall with insanity, my days when it seems as though everything is just peachy (though those days have been few and far between), and my days when writing is absolutely the last thing I want to do. But, through all of those days, this story has been somewhere on my mind.

This one is special, folks.

I bring you to a world that lives hidden within our own, a world that is so dark and foul that even those who thrive in it wish to be thrown from it indefinitely. A war has erupted inside this world, and has raged on for centuries with no hope of ending. Two enemies fight over what neither of them knows is a completely different endgame, yet, in a sense, it is all the same: an end to the darkness.

And now I bring you a girl. A very unusual girl, unbeknownst to her. I bring you her most unusual family, a family that, while living on one side of the darkness, gives hope to finally bringing light to the surface. Now, changes are undergone, lines are being crossed that no one knew existed, and the entire way of life for these dark creatures is about to shift in a big way.

Is the hunt finally over?

Will this be the end they have all longed so desperately for?

But most importantly . . . Are you ready? 


You are most patient, readers. And I thank you for it. I truly hope you are all as excited as I am. Let’s get back on the hunt together, as we get #readyforREBECCA