Don’t Think TOO Much . . . (It’s Dangerous, You Know)

Hello again readers, I apologize for being stuck in the den for another long winter, it seems. Life is busy being full and exciting at the moment, but I promise to try harder. Starting . . . Now.


I was lying in bed last night watching the Doctor travel through time and space, saving the universe time and time again alongside his faithful companion, when something occurred to me: Why do we enjoy watching TV, reading stories, and simply getting involved with people who essentially don’t exist? You know what I’m talking about, don’t pretend that you don’t. I know I’m not the only one who lost part of my sanity when Dumbledore died.


But why?


The easy answer would be to say that it was because the writing was fantastic, we grew up with him as Harry did, and he was the best headmaster that Hogwarts had ever known. But is that the whole truth? Why is it so easy for us to sit back and watch a fake someone live their lives, make their decisions, love their lovers, despise their mistakes, and triumph in their successes? I believe, (or at least it makes sense in the confines of my wonderfully colorful imagination), that we enjoy doing this because it’s easy.


In or own lives, when we have relationships – be it a friendship, a partnership, a marriage, a family, or what have you – we are required to participate. We are required to receive and to give. When we read books or watch television, it is much simpler to sit back and let the character give to us. We can observe and judge them without fear of being judged in return. We are free to care for and love them without reservation, because they are unable to reject or leave us.


In the end, it is the ultimate security, and therefore, some of our greatest pleasures. So thank you artists, for giving us the pleasure to escape all of our own faults and fears, for allowing us to maybe learn a little about ourselves, and of course, for creating the characters that we learn to love beyond their faults. (Despite the fact that they aren’t exactly real).  🙂 


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